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Their musical styling is well defined, yet somewhat indescribable. They combine brass instrumentation with rich vocal harmony. They are comfortable performing before thousands, yet are most “at home” sharing their music and testimony in a more intimate setting where they “can truly minister to the needs of the people,” as John Pfeifer, one of their long-time group members conveys. These traits have allowed the Washington Court House, OH, based group, collectively known as The Pfeifers, to become a mainstay and recognizable fixture among varying Christian music genres. Musical variety has become a Pfeifer trademark, and they continue that musical heritage with each new recording and in every concert setting.

The ministry of The Pfeifers is one that began over two decades ago when a vivacious 20-year old organized a musical group with several friends. This young group sang at campmeetings, crusades and virtually anywhere an invitation was received. Over the years, the group has evolved, and musical diversity has become the norm for this talented trio. The Pfeifers are recognized for their ability to stretch musical boundaries and provide listeners with a broad array of musical stylings. Evidence of this lies in their recent 2008 and 2009 Favorite Trio Top 10 nominations by subscribers of the Singing News Magazine, Southern Gospel Music’s leading fan publication.

In recent years, The Pfeifers have enjoyed several Top 40 hits, as Christian music lovers nationwide have embraced such thought-provoking hits as “Father’s House,” “Jumpin’ In,” “If I’m Wrong,” “More Than Just Religion,” and “When Desparation Meets Faith.”

The Pfeifers back their three-part harmony with trumpet, saxes and guitar. A special acoustical portion of their performance has become a highlight in each concert, as they enlighten audiences about their rich musical heritage, and share moving testimonies. A concert with The Pfeifers is a true worship experience, and audiences are overwhelmed and moved by each group member’s willingness to share personal testimonies of God’s love and mercy.

Present Pfeifer members include the brother/sister team of John and Candy Pfeifer, as well as Mary Jane Carter, who joined the group in 1982. This talented musical team has enjoyed much success with performances at such prestigious locations as Dr Jerry Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, the Mickey Gilley Theatre in Branson, MO, and the Annual Christian Artists’ Music Seminar in the Rockies at Estes Park, CO. In addition, the group has made several appearances as part of the highly successful Bill Gaither & Friends Homecoming Concert Tour in several cities nationwide. They have beeen featured on various Bailey Smith Crusades with noted evangelist Bailey Smith, and in 2008 they will joined Dr Charles Stanley aboard the noted evangelist’s annual cruise to Alaska. The Pfeifers have also appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise The Lord program. In addition, their weekly television program, “The Pfeifers - Lifting Jesus,” was aired uninterrupted for 20 years, making the program the longest running Gospel music program in television history. Additionally, each summer, The Pfeifers host their own four-day weekend music festival in their hometown of Washington Court House, OH.

Among personal accolades and honors, Mary Jane Carter has received numerous industry award nominations, while John Pfeifer received the honor of Favorite Musician by subscribers of The Singing News Magazine in 2006.

Offering musical diversity is a rich tradition that The Pfeifers have perfected. With each new recording that tradition continues as they continually encourage fellow Christians, add souls to the kingdom of God and through their individual walk, daily allow Christ to tune their hearts and minister to the hearts of others.



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  • Songs of Comfort
  • Carry The Banner
  • Tune My Heart
  • An Instrumental Collection
  • Pfeifer Pix
  • Why Not
  • Workin’ Our Faith
  • Free
  • Where The River Runs Red
  • Free Me Up
  • Stand Strong
  • The Blood Was Enough
  • No Thorns In The Crown
  • Live-The Pfeifers
  • Blood Bought
  • Gospel Favorites
  • Giving Our Best
  • Merry Christmas - The Pfeifers
  • Just For The Record
  • I Claim The Blood
  • Satisfied
  • Reminiscing
  • Looking Ahead
  • The Pfeifer’s Crusade
  • I’m On Tour
  • The Things He’s Done
  • Introducing The Pfeifers
Video Releases
  • Then and Now
  • Tune My Heart Live
  • Why Not Live
  • Country Christmas
Recent Top 80 Hits
  • There is a Healer
  • He Still Does it All
  • When That Day Comes
  • More Than Just Religion
  • Childlike Faith
  • Why Not
  • I Will Trust Him
  • Jumpin In
  • Father’s House
Television Appearances
  • Daystar
  • 700 Club
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • Gaither Homecoming Series
  • The Pfeifers - Lifting Jesus




"The Pfeifers truly excite me. This is a magnificent singing group. They can give you Southern Gospel. They can give you an evangelistic touch, and they can give you the ‘40s big band sound. They are amazing. Mary Jane Carter is way underrated. By the standards of any era of Gospel Music, they are truly great." 
Roy Pauley – Contributing Editor – The Singing News Magazine


"The Pfeifers are first class. Their performances are always great, and the last time they were in Meridian, the concert was sold out. Six encores is a good indication that the people loved them!" 
~ Earl Aycock – Promoter – Meridian, MS


"The Pfeifers are one of the few professional Southern Gospel groups to ever be invited to Thomas Road Baptist, and they did a super job. We definitely plan to have them again." 
~ Robbie Hiner – Minister of Music – Thomas Road Baptist – Lynchburg, VA


"The Pfeifers are Gospel Music’s best kept secret!"
Maurice Templeton – President – Templeton Tours


"Without any doubt, one of the most talented groups in Gospel Music is The Pfeifers. Notice the phrase, ‘Gospel Music:’ the abilities of this group place them among the best in any form of Christian Music, whether it be Southern Gospel, Christian Country or Inspirational." 
Danny Jones – Managing Editor – The Singing News Magazine

"I highly recommend The Pfeifers. They are an exceptional vocal and instrumental group who has performed more than once at my theater in Branson, MO." 
Mickey Gilley