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The Song Goes On
  • The Song Goes On
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God is Good, God is Love
Good News Is Coming Down The Road
My Hallelujah Song
Be There
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
He Wants It All
I Know Who You're With
That One Lamb
When Revival Comes To Town
It Is Well

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I've Never Thought of it That Way- Book
  • I've Never Thought of it That Way- Book
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A new book by John Pfeifer.

Life is not a crap shoot, and we are not at the mercy of dumb luck! The difference between man and bast is that man has the ability to reason. Because of this, man has been given dominion over all of creation. A prosperous and happy life is a result of your ability to make the right choices. Everyday choices that seem to be significant can affect the rest of your life. This book will help you embrace a new way of thinking that will guide you to truth. Doing the right thing is not as obscured and difficult as you might think.

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A New Place To Party
  • A New Place To Party
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We Will Remember 

A New Hallelujah 

Nothing But The Blood 

For Your Glory 

How Marvelous 

A New Place To Party 

Our God is Greater 

God of This City 

Shout Unto God 

When I Don’t Know What to Do 

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Songs of Comfort
  • Songs of Comfort
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Sweet Bye and Bye 
Heaven Is Where I'm Going 
Father's House 
Coming Home 
Near the Cross 
Amazing Grace 
Is Not This The Land of Beulah 
Let God Be God 
Grace in My Hour 
God Leads Us Along 
The Love of God 
Potter's House 
That's Why I'm Free 
I Will Trust Him 
Blessed Assurance 
Military Taps

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Carry The Banner
  • Carry The Banner
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He Still Does It All 
State of Grace 
There Is A Healer 
State Of Grace
I Will Stand 
The King Is Coming
Don't Make Me An Offer 
When That Day Comes 
He Did 
That's My Dad 
Holy, Holy, Holy 

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Tune My Heart
  • Tune My Heart
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Run To The Blood 
Jesus Saves 
Take It To The Lord 
Back To My Senses
A Childlike Faith 
Oh, The Blood (Instrumental) 
More Than Just Religion 
If I'm Wrong 
We've Weathered Storms Before 
Get Out of the Boat 
We Shall Behold Him (Insrumental)
Tune My Heart 

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Fighting On
  • Fighting On
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Fighting On 
Wake Up The House 
It is Good 
Pleasin' Jesus 
Love Still Calls 
It is Good 
Gettin' It Rigth 
The Answer 
Glorious Light 
Shout To The Lord 

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Timeless Treasures
  • Timeless Treasures
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Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus 
Sweet Bye and Bye
I've Anchored in Jesus

Grace Greater Than Our Sin Blessed Assurance The Love of God  I've Settled The Question Great Is Thy Faithfulness Jesus Took My Burden  Near The Cross
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Instrumental Collection
  • Instrumental Collection
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Amazing Grace 
America Medly
Battle Hymn of the Republic

Blessed Assurance  Goodbye World Goodbye  Great Is Thy Faithfulness He Looked Beyond My Faults  How Great Thou Art Joshau Fit The Battle Of Jericho
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Pfeifer Pix II
  • Pfeifer Pix II
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I'm Going Higher 
If I Know God 
Stand Strong 
It's Time To Rise Up 
This Same Jesus 
The God of Glory 
Ready To Serve 
Joy In The Holy Ghost 
Further Still 
All Along 

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Getting It Right - Book
  • Getting It Right - Book
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The devotional contains excerpts from Pfeifer's personal journal, as well as scripture and insightful words of encouragement. Getting It Right traces Candy's spiritual journey as she steps closer to the powerful victory that comes from remaining in God's Word and in the fellowship of His Holy Spirit. "Life on the road has had it's share of awesome moments, as well as personally challenging times," Pfeifer relates. "This devotional includes portions of my personal journal over a ten-year period in my life, during which I experienced some extremely painful and emotional events. My prayer is that this book will strengthen, encourage and remind each reader that God is the heavenly Tailor whose loving skill can turn a heavy coat of fear and failure into a joyous garment of praise."

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